Understanding and Acting on Cyber security and Surveillance Laws

As part of its continuing advocacy to have government review the Computer Crimes and Cyber
Security Bill with the purpose of realizing the need to uphold the constitutionally guaranteed
fundamental human rights, Transformation Resource Centre participated in a three days’ worksho
organized by Internews from South Africa. The three (3) days’ workshop with Civil Society
Organizations (CSOs) and with different media houses in the country discussed different thematic
areas including; Understanding the Cyber Security and Digital Surveillance Landscape; and Digital
Hygiene, Digital Security and Best Practices on Keeping your Devices and Data Safe.
The Roundtable Discussion was on 17th February 2023.
“Digital rights of Citizens to control freedom of expression has become a key battleground for
governments globally. African Leaders are using repressive Cyber Security and surveillance laws to
monitor, control and subvert freedom of speech.”

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