Research, Information and Communication

The programme supports high-quality research and learning processes that serve as a primary information hub for TRC programming. It provides learning opportunities to continually learn from its own and others’ experiences to develop and deepen its practices and strategies through acquisition, maintenance, and dissemination of adequate informative material that communicates issues of Public Service and Accountability as well as Human Rights and Access To Justice. It further plays a vital role in promoting the TRC mandate to reach out to the public while creating an overarching image that represents the Centre’s standpoint in policy development.

While the research, information and communication programme ensure the Centre remains leading advocacy and continues to be a reputably recognized national democracy institution, it ensures smooth communication through sponsored media programme. These are carried out through advanced digitization programmes and the development of new information systems, dissemination of information on developmental issues, and production of policy papers that influence policy change. It further engages in policy debates through stakeholders’ dialoguesTRC – Friends Meetings and Public Policy Advocacy. Documentation and acquisition of relevant materials are tuned to serve selected marginalized communities on human rights protection, social accountability, social audits reports, adaptation programmes and safety nets programmes that encourage part-time employment.