Administration and Organizational Development

TRC’s administrative function is key in supporting the Centre’s programmatic work, providing leadership and direction, coordinating activities, and supervising work (including human resource management, evaluation, development, and remuneration). In addition, this unit also coordinates activities such as donor and stakeholder relations.

The CA/OD Programme aims at putting TRC in the lead as the preeminent social justice and good governance NGO in Lesotho, a leader in public interest advocacy and community empowerment, based on the principles of democracy, transparency, efficiency, and inclusive participation. TRC also aims to be the partner of choice for both public and private institutions, locally and internationally, working on the promotion of good governance in Lesotho.

Overall Objective

To run TRC efficiently and turn it into the premier good governance and social justice NGO in Lesotho, with a strong public presence, strong and sustainable partnerships, a coherent, competent and committed team, and effective internal systems to support its mandate and mission.

Expected Outcomes

Resource stability, strong programmatic coherence, relevance and support systems
A TRC that is able to deliver on its mandate and anchor its relationships on best corporate practices
A team that is stable, adequately, qualiffied, trained and managed (including remuneration and incentives)
Stable, effective and efficient management systems and infrastructure.