A panel discussion on the LGCSE results in the face of Curriculum Reforms and low Government Budget Allocation

On the panel were:
1. Associate Professor Mohaeka Raselimo
2. Professor George Mosotho
3. Dr. Ramaele Moshoeshoe
Transformation Resource Centre in collaboration with three researchers and panellists from National
University of Lesotho held a panel discussion on the LGCSE results in the Face of Curriculum Reforms
and Low Government Budget Allocation.
This activity was motivated by a litany of concerns that have often been raised regarding the new
curriculum. Among others, there have been concerns about the quality of education as looked at
against the deteriorating performance of candidates. There have also been concerns, particularly
among teachers and specifically about poor performance in LGCSE examinations, with some blaming
the Ministry of Education and Training for not providing adequate in-service teacher training to
support the implementation of the integrated curriculum.
It is with regard to the aforementioned, among others, that the Centre organized a Friends Meeting
which took the form of a panel discussion to discuss possible solutions to the concerns and problems
identified. Specifically, the discussion explained the ideology driving the current integrated
curriculum (from Grade 1 to Grade 8); the LGCSE reform itself; and Government inability to
adequately finance and develop public education system. The discussions further teased out
implications for progression to higher education, with a focus on Math and Science-based

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