The Basotho People - Last updated 21 June 2006

TRC would like to thank Mr. Chuck and Mr. David Linn for letting us use some of their pictures

initiation.jpg (47864 bytes)   Boy and cat     Boy with instrument
Initiation school for young girls   Boy and cat   Two Basotho at their sunken homestead at Mohale Dam   Herdboy with self-made instrument
Riding a donkey   Man with peas   Woman with springbok   Boys at a swimming hole
Riding a donkey   Prize peas   Lady with springbok   At the swimming hole
Lone herdboy Boy playing instrument Children in southern Lesotho A lot of work is done by hand
Herdboy Playing banjo Children in rural Lesotho A lot of work is done by hand
Playing the traditional Lesiba kids.jpg (29841 bytes)
Playing the traditional instrument called Lesiba Basotho children near Semonkong Age is respected in Lesotho Blanket and headscarf are the traditional attire
wool.jpg (51319 bytes) tapestry.jpg (39141 bytes)
The traditional hat mokorotlo is popular among the Basotho Herbs containing menthol are applied directly The Mohair wool is spun with simple tools Basotho are famous for their Mohair tapestries
traditional-dancers.jpg (28177 bytes) The national football team Likoena (Crocodiles) papa-lady.jpg (46135 bytes) sunshade1.jpg (32326 bytes)
Traditional dancers at the inauguration of Mohale Dam The national football team is called Likoena (Crocodiles) Papa, the traditional maize meal is cooked on the open fire In the summer, shade is essential
schoolgirls.jpg (45275 bytes) young-basotho-girls.jpg (27439 bytes) mosotho-woman.jpg (33203 bytes)
A ride on a pickup saves time Young Basotho girls Mosotho woman in traditional outfit An old woman in front of her rondavel in the highlands
women-harvesting.jpg (57643 bytes) cook.jpg (114183 bytes) lonesome-rider.jpg (44131 bytes)
Women harvesting in northern Lesotho With the wool, beautiful carpets are being woven A street restaurant Pony rider in Semonkong
pefole-interviewing.jpg (25973 bytes) pupils-thetsane-gallery.jpg (25255 bytes) one-schoolgirl.jpg (28092 bytes) thabeng-high2.jpg (25483 bytes)
Communication plays an important role for the Basotho Students at Thetsane High School High school student near St. Roderick High school students  in Morija learning to farm
boys-in-makhoroana.jpg (41821 bytes) shoeman.jpg (34662 bytes) McDonalds-1.jpg (61597 bytes) traditional-wear.jpg (44447 bytes)
Boys in Makhoroana A shoe seller in Maseru Meat is important for every feast The colours of the outfit represent the colour of the chief
selling-maize.jpg (31273 bytes) peach-sellers-near-khukhune.jpg (30910 bytes) lira.jpg (24266 bytes) volleyball.jpg (40489 bytes)
Maize is being offered everywhere In the season you will meet many peach sellers along the roads Many Basotho wear the traditional conical hat Basotho are a sportive nation
McDonalds-3.jpg (52365 bytes)
An old man in the highlands Man in Ha Sekake Arguing woman The slaughtering is done on the pitso ground
pitso.jpg (71783 bytes) country-boys.jpg (12773 bytes) pitso-2.jpg (36965 bytes)  
A pitso, a traditional gathering Young men in a rural area Women at a pitso  

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